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Jen Rade (Stylist) in Valentino Fashion Illustration

Jane Rade (stylist) in Valentino

Contribution for Milk X magazine’s 6th anniversary event. Also published in its October 2012 Issue.




Jen Rade

Clients: Angelina Jolie, Pink, Katharine McPhee

The dazzling emerald Atelier Versace dress that Rade put longtime client Angelina Jolie in at this year’s Globes stole the show. Rade also dresses Pink, Cher and The Office’s Jenna Fischer, plus she has such commercial styling gigs as Target and Apple’s iPod.

Of course there was the leg, but Jolieʼs black Oscar gown with the high slit by Atelier Versace on its own epitomized smokinʼ hot. In fact, any time the female half of Hollywoodʼs hottest couple graces the red carpet, itʼs a fashion moment. Thatʼs partly because of Radeʼs dramatically glamorous taste.

Witness Jolieʼs Globes gown — an ice-white satin column, also Atelier Versace, with a slash of red matching her lips, and nothing else except Lorraine Schwartzʼs 25-carat diamond studs.

“Stylists without great dresses have nothing,” says Rade, who chooses to stay mum on leg-gate. “This whole business is about having good relationships, being respectful — I do returns quickly.” Rade cut her teeth styling videos for Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur, then commercials like the first iPod TV ad. She also has been a Project Runway guest judge. Her latest gigs: styling Smashʼs McPhee, whom she put in a strapless nude Donna Karan for the Globes, and continuing to consult on designer Rena Langeʼs collection.

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