Fashion Illustrations by Anoma Paleebut


My birthday is coming soon. And I hate a birthday without some cake! I love coconut cake so much but what’s available out there is just junk made with wheat and ladened with sugar. Now, being a proper ‘hunter-gatherer’ that I am, I put some effort into making my own coconut cake and you bet! No wheat, no sugar, not even natural sweeteners like dates or raisins, not even the nasty zero cal fake sweeteners, just real vanilla beans and cinnamon, the coconut flour and the macadamia butter already has it’s very subtle sweetness to it and the whipping cream too, plenty sweet enough. (Not for conventional diet peeps - obviously) #FatRules


My Speed Portrait Drawing - ‘Falling’

Here is my latest speed drawing illustrated using Caran D’ache LUMINANCE 6901 coloured pencils. Watch it here on YouTube

Anoma x


Yummiest home made mayo using just five ingredients; two egg yolks, organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and pink Himalayan salt.


R.I.P L’Wren Scott…

jessvstheworld asked:
Your drawings are absolutely fantastic. So realistic yet they have a playful essence to them I can't put my finger on. They're beautiful! Big Fan!

Thank you :) that puts a big smile on my face..

negative-n asked:
Your stuff is so legit!

Thank you :)

severin89 asked:
You are amazeballs!, be my wife! hahaha jokes aside, if we were friends i'd carry you around on my shoulder and you'd never have to walk among the peasants again! Do you have any tips for drawing realistic hair? I'm always struggling with it. Thank you! -Severin


As for the hair - a sharp pencil, varying pencil pressure and strokes, heap amount of patience and many cups of well brewed tea!



Heard a really cute song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer and felt like illustrating. So here it is “Kiss Me” :) (at

1iwille asked:
You are a great Artist. Do you have an Instagram link?

Thank you :) and yes, of course, it’s

nikky-rocha asked:
your painting its amazing:)

Thank you :)

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