Fashion Illustrations by Anoma Paleebut


In my black and white full skirt from my S/S14 collection for Jaspal @ Elle Fashion Week Day 3 #ellefashionweek #ellefashionweek2014


In my grey organza inset skirt from my S/S14 collection for Jaspal @ Elle Fashion Week Day 2 #ellefashionweek #ellefashionweek2014


@Elle Fashion Week A/W14 Day1 - In my black/red skirt from my F/W 2014-15 collection for Jaspal (at Elle Fashion Week A/W 2014 at Centralworld)

lost-without-struggle asked:
Hey, let me just start by saying your an amazing artist. I've been looking through your drawings/paintings/illustrations probably for the past hour(not in a creepy way lol). I just wanted to know what medium was used in your "Happy 2013" illustration(marker?watercolor?), what technique you used to shade, and how do you take the pictures of your drawings to put them online? Sorry for bothering you and have a good day!

Hi there! Thank you for checking out my illustrations! I used watercolour (mainly) for the Happy 2013 illustration and some coloured pencils for finishing touches. Pictures on my blog are taken using just an iPhone but sometimes Photoshop is needed for some colour correction etc.

Hope you have a good day too (I’m really sorry it has taken me a while to respond) :)

meowmotherclucker asked:
Your drawings are so beautiful. Youre so amazingly talented!

Thank you so much for being in touch and for the compliment, it is very kind of you. Sorry it has taken me a while to respond :)

tam85sz asked:
Ciao and thank for visiting my humble sketches' blog "dealbonigrum". Well, I was wondering, it's not an original question at all: what does it mean your name? Ps. In my opinion, for what it's worth, you look really gifted. Bye

Ciao! I don’t think it has a meaning… Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your kind message :)


Sitting, Waiting, Wishing…


@MistyMynx #FeelingMynx Private Party (at Oriental Residence Bangkok, Wireless Road)


My birthday is coming soon. And I hate a birthday without some cake! I love coconut cake so much but what’s available out there is just junk made with wheat and ladened with sugar. Now, being a proper ‘hunter-gatherer’ that I am, I put some effort into making my own coconut cake and you bet! No wheat, no sugar, not even natural sweeteners like dates or raisins, not even the nasty zero cal fake sweeteners, just real vanilla beans and cinnamon, the coconut flour and the macadamia butter already has it’s very subtle sweetness to it and the whipping cream too, plenty sweet enough. (Not for conventional diet peeps - obviously) #FatRules


My Speed Portrait Drawing - ‘Falling’

Here is my latest speed drawing illustrated using Caran D’ache LUMINANCE 6901 coloured pencils. Watch it here on YouTube

Anoma x

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